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From paper to skin ink, how this local artist plans to revitalize West Greenville’s art scene

Krys Merryman //November 14, 2023//

From paper to skin ink, how this local artist plans to revitalize West Greenville’s art scene

Krys Merryman //November 14, 2023//

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A new tattoo studio is setting up shop in the Village of West Greenville.

Bone and Ink owners, and husband and wife, John and Jenny Allen, will operate the studio together. Jenny is the tattoo artist, while John will manage studio operations.

Prior to tattooing, Jenny Allen sold her fine art illustrations under the business name Bone and Ink, in which she created vintage-inspired pen and ink drawings, utilizing cross-hatching to explore value and depth, she said. Then she began her tattoo career in October 2018 in Anderson.

“Early in my career, I learned how to translate my skill from pen and ink to a tattoo machine,” she said. “Over time, I learned to modify my artwork for the skin and found I love creating custom tattoo designs for my clients. My artwork has transformed and grown since I began tattooing, becoming more delicate, full of texture and movement, and concentrating specifically on flora and fauna imagery.”

In December 2022, the Allens moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., to experience and be inspired by the city, and Jenny became a resident artist at the renowned Tenderfoot Studio, she said.

“I am so thankful for this time in New York, and I am so excited to move back to Greenville and open my own tattoo studio to share my vision for the tattoo industry in my hometown,” said Allen.  “It has been an honor to tattoo so many people and create so much art along the way. We chose the Village of West Greenville because Greenville is home to my husband and me. Greenville is our hometown, and I am so excited to return and show the city another side of the tattoo industry.”

The Allens hope to add a substantial presence to the art scene and community of West Greenville by supporting local art and artists. They want to provide a space that local artists and emerging artists can use to showcase and sell their art. Additionally, they would like to assist budding artists and show them how to create a business around their artwork.

“In doing this, I hope to help stimulate the local art economy and give artists a chance to find financial success in their art,” said Jenny Allen. “We would like to pair up with local organizations and artists to figure out a way to showcase all kinds of art, not just tattooing. As an artist, I have always wanted to open my own small, elegant fine art studio. The focus of my studios will be on each client, their experience, and the custom artwork they commission from me and my artists. I want each person to have a unique experience and feel comfortable and respected during each session. As a business, I am also looking to have more community involvement and interaction with local organizations.”

Located at 8 Lois Ave. in West Greenville, the Allens anticipate opening the tattoo studio in January.

“I am looking forward to once again supporting the existing artists and arts community that I have grown to love throughout my life,” said Allen. “I feel like Village of West Greenville is the perfect place to support my home community and the Greenville arts. I want to use this opportunity to pass my knowledge of art in business along, help artists showcase their art, and to help better the lives of fellow artists.”