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Port approves salary increases for senior management

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The S.C. Ports Authority board approved salaries for senior management last week during the board’s October meeting.

Senior management received a bump across the board, including bonuses, which are based on hitting targets for cargo volumes and operating cash flow.

Pay increases go into effect Jan. 1.

The board also approved the promotion of Barbara Melvin, senior vice president of operations and terminals, to COO, a new position for the port.

Port CEO Jim Newsome said Melvin’s experience managing terminal operations, hiring the bulk of port employees and leading the charge on the harbor deepening project led to her promotion.

Senior management salaries:

Name and title

Current salary

New salary


Jim Newsome, president and CEO




Barbara Melvin, COO




Paul McClintock, senior vice president of sales and marketing




Stan Van Ostran, CFO




Bob Mozdean, senior vice president of human resources




Jordi Yarborough, senior vice president of external affairs




Source: S.C. Ports Authority

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