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SC Launch invests $300,000 in 3-D design company

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SC Launch, the entrepreneurial arm of SCRA, has invested $300,000 in ZVerse, a 3-D design company that converts 2-D content into manufacturable 3-D content.

The Columbia-based company, founded in 2013, features technology that enables on-demand manufacturers to offer computer-assisted design services to customers needing part files designed or modified using multiple processes, including computer numerical control, 3-D print and injection molding.

“We are excited to have SCRA participate in our recent funding round,” ZVerse CEO John Carrington said in a news release. “It is important to have investors that can contribute more than just money. The team at SCRA is clearly committed to helping facilitate activity within South Carolina's technology community.”

SC Launch companies are eligible for up to $750,000 in grants and investments.

“Our team first met ZVerse at DigSouth, a tech conference in Charleston, and we were immediately impressed with their novel 3-D solution for both industry and individuals.” Jill Sorenson, director of entrepreneurial programs and SC Launch executive director, said. “It is exciting to see companies like ZVerse growing in South Carolina.”

SCRA, chartered by the state in 1984, is a nonprofit organization that works to foster job creation and support innovation in South Carolina’s economy. SC Launch provides mentoring, grants and investments to qualified S.C. companies in the advanced materials and manufacturing; IT; and life sciences industries.

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