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Take me out to as many as 36 ballgames

Staff //February 9, 2018//

Take me out to as many as 36 ballgames

Staff //February 9, 2018//

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This could be your home base most school nights this baseball season. (Photo/Andy Owens)

If you’re itching to see a whole lot of Charleston RiverDogs games this season, or if remembering to buy a ticket to the games is too much of a hassle, there’s now a simple solution that doesn’t include paying $450 for season tickets.

Charleston’s minor league baseball team began offering a subscription service this week called Rover, which gives fans a general admission or standing room ticket to every Monday through Thursday home game this season for $19.99 a month.

“It can work for multiple demographics, really, but we’re certainly trying to target that millennial and just a little bit older than millennial age group,” said Dave Echols, the RiverDogs’ president and general manager. “That demographic that is accustomed to having multiple reoccurring charges in their life that they like, that they want to have and that they’re accustomed to having.”

If subscribers went to all 36 games they’re eligible to attend, they’d be paying less than $3 per game. General admission tickets are typically $7 each — which, if you’re also eating avocado toast before every game, is far too steep.

“It gives you easier access and, on the surface, cheaper access, so it will certainly appeal to that demographic on a number of levels,” Echols said.

Plus, you’ll probably become best friends with Charlie T. RiverDog, and who doesn’t want that?

Echols said other sports teams, including the Oakland Athletics and some NBA teams, have provided similar subscriptions, but spokesman Matt Dean said he believes the RiverDogs are the first minor league baseball team to do so.

Garret Randle, director of ticket sales, said the team is always looking for creative ways to meet fans’ needs.

“Subscription programs have a track record of success in both baseball and other industries, and we’re excited to offer the Rover subscription as a new binge-worthy option this summer at The Joe,” he said.

Rover subscriptions are available now; single-game tickets go on sale March 12.

The RiverDogs have been playing in Charleston since 1994 — entering their 175th season, if you’re counting in dog years.