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Charleston’s Story Craze gets mad props

Staff Report //February 22, 2018//

Charleston’s Story Craze gets mad props

Staff Report //February 22, 2018//

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We know what you’re going to say: This is the next generation of Mad Libs.

You’d be a little right and mostly wrong. Story Craze, which just won a big award, helps kids have fun with creative writing and storytelling.

Click to view larger. (Photo/StoryClub Games)There are many differences between this and Mad Libs, but the biggest difference is that when you were playing Mad Libs in your parents’ backseat, they didn’t really want to buy it for you. They just knew it would keep you occupied instead of leaving you to ask, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? What about now?”

Story Craze takes the storytelling prompt to the kid-friendly depths of creativity that we expect will yield the next William Faulkner or Dorothea Benton Frank. Sure, Mad Libs could do that, but it hasn’t happened yet (that we know of).

Story Craze also has the added appeal of being developed in Charleston after a successful Kickstarter campaign, though that isn’t the only reason you’re reading about it here.

The idea of kids using the written word by engaging their brains makes us all giddy and hopeful inside.

The upshot is that the Mom’s Choice Awards named Story Craze by StoryClub Games among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

We don't know whether these are the exact kids whose input they got when creating the game, but they did get kids' input while creating the game. (Photo/StoryClub Games)

Story Craze’s developers got big applause for actually getting kids to help create the game alongside them. Imagine that.

“Following a simple story arc, children create imaginative introductions, hilarious action and crazy cliffhangers,” the Mom’s Choice Awards said in announcing the honor. “Story Craze is different every time you play, and it’s filled with laughter and learning as kids unplug from technology and let their imaginations run wild.”

You can pick up the game locally at WonderWorks, online at Amazon or on the StoryClub website, and probably a few other places. WonderWorks founder Christine Osborne was involved with this product — no surprise there. Story Craze also is donating a bunch of the games to schools, libraries, hospitals and nonprofits.

Marcie Jacobs, founder of StoryClub Games, said the honor was very cool because of the wholesomeness the Mom’s Choice Awards represents in recommending educationally valuable products.

“We know all the great things the MCA does to connect consumers, educators and caregivers with the best products and services available for families,” Jacobs said in a news release.

We say the honor is very cool because we’re expecting kids to come up with some crazy stories using this box of fun.