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I know you love me, but what’s your credit score?

Staff Report //February 9, 2018//

I know you love me, but what’s your credit score?

Staff Report //February 9, 2018//

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Charleston’s reputation as a romantic destination has been well-established. But while we’re all about the heart, we’re also all about backing up our feelings with data. Check out the latest edition of our Market Facts to see how much we spend on weddings, for example.

Click to view larger.But with all the love in the air this time of year, opportunity abounds for retail merchandising, and also for the hospitality and tourism industry, which uses romantic weekend getaways to thrive in the pre-spring time of year.

Online personal finance company WalletHub, which also delves into data analysis, put together some stats on what Valentine’s Day means for personal finance. We've pulled out a select few below. You can see the rest in their handy illustration.

2018 Valentine’s Day spending survey


Average amount each person who celebrates Valentine’s Day will spend this year.


People who say financial secrets are the worst type of money problem for a relationship.


Average amount of money people spend on their pets for Valentine’s Day.


People who would not marry someone with bad credit.


People who aren’t recognizing Valentine’s Day this year.


Americans who 100% want candy or chocolate for Valentine’s Day.


People who hate receiving gift cards as a Valentine’s Day present.


People who love receiving gift cards as an expression of love.

Source: WalletHub

You want to spin that roulette wheel, that’s all you (Well, OK, we’d put all our money on red, since it’s the Valentine’s Day color and all). But if you’re not into gambling, we’d vote for chocolate and a solid FICO.