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Cast your vote now for the Cooper River Bridge Run poster

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It’s not just a race. It’s an experience.

That’s the motto for the Cooper River Bridge Run, set for April 4, and organizers want us all to be a part of the experience even if we’re not lacing up our running shoes or dreaming of eternal glory tripping across the Cooper (because we didn’t tie double knots).

Indeed, if we are as graceful as a garbage can, we can still participate, simply by voting on the design of the Cooper River Bridge Run poster. This design gets plastered on all the yearly run merchandise, including t-shirts that every runner, walker and stroller-pusher-er gets in their registration package.

It’s a big deal for the artist, who gets an immediate audience of some 40,000 consumers of their art, as well as the legacy of representing the race for that year.

We’re not going to show you the voting options. You have to commit to voting by putting in your email address. If you’re not committed, then you don’t get to see them, but we’ve seen all 46 designs, and it’s worth seeing it through just to see them. Even if you don’t vote. But you probably ought to vote if you’re going to all that effort.

The breadth and depth of the art presented for the possible poster is astounding.

OK, warm yourself up for 2020, and start voting: Here’s the link. But get a move on, because voting closes on Sunday. Three days isn’t much time to make such a weighty decision with so many deserving options, but we have confidence we can do it. Good luck.

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July 26, 2019

Have you ever seen a graceful garbage can? ;-) Eds.

July 25, 2019

What does "graceful as a garbage can" mean??