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BOOK OF EXPERTS: How a fractional CEO can impact your business

BOOK OF EXPERTS: How a fractional CEO can impact your business


Business owners everywhere struggle with getting their vision executed at the level they expect. This is the number one reason they reach out to Bill Simmons, founder and CEO of Thrive StrategiesThrive Business Strategies, the premier Fractional COO firm in the nation.

Thrive Business Strategies has cracked the code on how to deliver experienced Chief Operation Officer Services in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

As the business owner, you’re the creator — the visionary of the business. Your focus should be on growth and profits, not the behind-the-scenes operations of running your company or the details of every sale, product, or service.

Your vision requires more than just you. You need a partner who is clear about your strategy, leads execution of your vision, and holds people accountable for results.

This is why Thrive Business Strategies created the Thrive OpsCycle. The Thrive OpsCycle is an operating system designed to clarify strategy, increase execution, and expand accountability. The Fractional COO with Thrive Business Strategies installs the OpsCycle into your company to guide the relationship. The 5 stages of the OpsCycle include:

1. Strategy Advance – The Fractional COO begins every engagement developing the strategy based on the business owner’s vision, goals, and desired company culture.

2. Deep Dive – During this stage the Fractional COO gets behind the curtain of your business to build connections with your team and evaluates your tools, systems, and processes.

3. Quarterly Sprints – The Fractional COO helps lead your business 90 days at a time by establishing and evaluating quarterly priorities. These priorities should improve processes, analyze people, expand progress, and increase profit.

4. Annual Advance – The Fractional COO is your partner as you review various business functions to focus on continued business growth.

5. Transition Strategy – Your Fractional COO is clear on your goals for the future of your business and life.

The unique Thrive Business Strategies approach also includes delivering Fractional COO Services as a team. Kai Bailey (Co-Owner and CEO) says, “We don’t believe a single unicorn exists. However, our team can be a unicorn collectively”. This eliminates the need to find one person who can “do it all”. Thrive Business Strategies provides you with the opportunity to access a team of experience and expertise across business functions. This access accelerates positive execution, results, and sustainable momentum for your company culture.

If you are frustrated with a lack of execution in your business, let one of our Fractional COO’s help you install the Thrives OpsCycle into your business.

Bill Simmons is the founder and Co-Owner of Thrive Business Strategies in Greer, South Carolina. With over 30 years’ experience helping individuals and entrepreneurs clarify and execute their visions, his team is the one to turn to when you’re ready to grow your life or organization. He and his team have mastered the process of clarifying a vision, creating a strategy for action, and seeing the plan through to success. Reach out today at

This content first appeared in GSA Business Report’s Book of Experts.