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BOOK OF EXPERTS: HRP Associates finds sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater contamination

BOOK OF EXPERTS: HRP Associates finds sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater contamination


Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to demonstrate their commitment and ability to meet sustainability targets. HRP Associates Inc., a national full-service environmental consulting and engineering firm, assists clientele with a variety of sustainability-related services including, but not limited to, environmental management systems, carbon emission calculations, waste reduction strategies, energy and water audits, and the identification and deployment of “green” remediation strategies.

Green remediation is defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the practice of considering all environmental effects of remedy implementation and incorporating options to minimize the environmental footprints of cleanup actions. This strategy evaluates energy usage, considers renewables, reduces emissions and waste, and evaluates the use of more sustainable remediation strategies. In recent years, HRP has observed a stark shift in our clientele’s willingness to evaluate the technologies deployed and, moreover, the resources needed to address environmental impacts of a given remedial strategy.

While there are a variety of ways to enact a green remediation strategy, one stalwart approach is bioremediation. Bioremediation is not a new technology; petroleum engineers began tinkering with the concept in the 1960s. This said, some of the bacterial strains and enzymes that were used in the infancy of bioremediation were genetically modified in the laboratory, altering their natural abilities. As a result, past products in the market were either ineffective or contained altered strains of bacteria and/or enzymes that regulatory agencies deemed unsafe for introduction to the environment.

In an effort to bring a natural and sustainable product to the bioremediation space, a leading microbial manufacturer and the expertise of environmental consultants collaborated to develop an innovative and unique blend of non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified microbial organisms (i.e., Enviro-BAC) to facilitate the bioremediation of petroleum impacts. In fall 2022, HRP and the creators of Enviro-BAC formed a strategic partnership to facilitate the deployment and distribution of the product throughout HRP’s extensive network and project portfolio.

Enviro-BAC consists of a proprietary blend of naturally occuring Bacillus bacteria spores. The particular strains comprised in Enviro-BAC are all naturally occurring and are blended at a high concentration for optimum performance. These bacteria are capable of thriving in the presence or absence of oxygen, making them ideal candidates for bioremedial applications. Utilizing the natural spore form of the bacteria ensures long-term stability and flexibility for storage and applications. Enviro-BAC has undergone extensive testing for human and environmental safety and product application under various conditions and environments, including laboratory bench-top trials and field applications.

Enviro-BAC is manufactured as a spray-dried powder and is easily dispersed in soil and water for a variety of applications such as open-hole excavations, surficial spills, soil borings and groundwater injections. Enviro-BAC is available to all stakeholders who realize the environmental and cost benefits of using a naturally occurring, sustainable product to remediate petroleum impacts. Enviro-BAC has been approved for use by regulatory agencies throughout the United States.

With emerging contaminants like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFOS/PFAS) receiving increased attention in the media, testing is underway to determine the efficacy of Enviro-BAC to degrade forever chemicals. Enviro-BAC is also being tested for use in carbon-rich, and potential microplastics, wastewater streams as a way to reduce contaminant discharge to the public wastewater treatment facilities, reduce the need for extensive and expensive chemical treatment, as well as to reduce solid accumulation in the base of the wastewater treatment lagoons. For more information regarding HRP’s sustainability services, green remediation, and/or Enviro-BAC, please contact us at 800-752-3922 or [email protected].