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BOOK OF EXPERTS: LorCo Capital – Achieving Hedge Fund Success For South Carolinians

BOOK OF EXPERTS: LorCo Capital – Achieving Hedge Fund Success For South Carolinians

LorCo Capital can secure the financial futures of your company and family


In 1949 the first hedge funds were available for wealthy investors and institutions to invest their money in all types of different trading. Over the past 74 years, a lot of them have come and gone with reasons ranging from corruption to bad performances.

Bobby Bentz is managing partner of LorCo Capital LLC. (Photo/Provided)The funds would charge their clients a management fee between 1%-5% of assets under management and those fees never stopped, even when there were horrible performances, market crashes and down years in bear markets. Some hedge funds thrived in every situation that the market threw at them and some of those funds are still around today.

Investors had no choice but to pull their money out of the bad performing hedge funds and chase after the ones that had great performing managers. But why did investors do this? The answer is simple: Hedge funds are able and designed to “hedge” their stock portfolio against any dips in the market. It’s more commonly known as short selling when a fund can make money when a stock loses value.

When an investor buys a stock for a long-term period with the hopes of it rising in price as the years go by, they are missing out on all of the small profits that could have been made on the stock’s way up or down. Any stock might take off to great earnings, but as any historical stock chart will show, there will always be drawdowns and reversals created in the market.

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In 2002 I traded my first stock online in a retail trading account I had using the old AOL dialup internet service. For that time period, it was the best we had and I completely fell in love with trading in the stock market. I had to learn everything I could digest with books, courses and stock market news on television, and I could stare at the ticker tape that ran across the bottom of the TV screen for hours. I found my calling to the stock market and just knew then that I was going to do something in the business world of trading in my future. I have been actively trading ever since.

I grew up with the “work hard for what you earn” mindset, starting in my father’s boat building company at the young age of 12. There was no sweet office job as I was handed a broom and had to work hard, learn the business and work my way up. Though my father had to eventually close his business, the lessons learned gave me the opportunity to open and run a few other businesses of my own in the construction trades.

I founded LorCo Capital with the full intention of being different than every other hedge fund in history. A hedge fund that stood out from the crowd and was mainly known for one thing — results — not just another fund that was all talk and no results. With us there are no smoke and mirrors, just clear transparency. We are a long/short equity hedge fund that trades in the American stock market only. We are not a buy-and-hold fund, as all of our trades are short-term only that profit with the ups and the downs in the market.

At LorCo Capital we only make money when our investors have made money. We don’t believe in charging management fees so we don't — there are no management fees ever!

LorCo Capital gives each investor an 8% hurdle rate annually which must be met before we begin to share in the capital gains. We have no lock-up periods on investments and allow investments as small as $25,000 to come into the fund. Our investors are all over South Carolina, throughout America and even some as far as Denmark.

Our first outside investors came in May 2022 and have now just enjoyed a +40.59% return in their first year. LorCo Capital is extremely proud of that +40% return and we foresee even higher returns in the future. This is perfect for a business that has a lot of money in savings that isn’t earning a great return. Yes, businesses can be investors, as well as personal investments that can impact your family for generations to come.

I invite you to visit our website where you can book a Zoom meeting with me. We will go over all of the details and I will share everything. The full sign-up can be done online as well.

LorCo Capital has been featured in Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and others.

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