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BOOK OF EXPERTS: The Southern Bank – modern banking with a Southern accent

BOOK OF EXPERTS: The Southern Bank – modern banking with a Southern accent

Personalized Financial Solutions 

At The Southern Bank, we deliver personalized financial solutions catering to each customer's unique goals. One success story exemplifying our exceptional service is the closing of a customer's dream home.

A couple, first-time homebuyers, after renting for over 20 years, approached us in November 2022 to purchase their primary residence using a VA loan. They had a sales agreement with NVR/Ryan Homes, and the seller agreed to cover $7,000 of closing costs if the couple utilized the seller’s preferred vendors, including their in-house mortgage company.

However, just one week before their scheduled settlement in April 2023, the couple received devastating news from the preferred lender – they did not qualify for the promised financing. Disappointed, they immediately reached out to us for a solution.

Determined to help them achieve homeownership, our dedicated team thoroughly analyzed the situation. Despite the seller's refusal to contribute the agreed-upon $7,000 closing cost allowance, we worked tirelessly to restructure the loan and make necessary adjustments. We secured VA approval through diligent efforts, allowing the couple to close on their dream home on May 23, 2023.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology

In an increasingly digital world, The Southern Bank remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enhancing the banking experience for customers. We seamlessly integrate technology into our operations for convenience, security and efficiency.

Customers can access accounts, transfer funds, pay bills and manage finances anytime, anywhere through user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms. We prioritize the highest security standards, employing advanced encryption and authentication protocols to protect sensitive information.

Moreover, we use technology to streamline internal processes, improve risk management and provide personalized financial insights to customers. By staying ahead in technological advancements, we empower customers with modern tools that simplify their financial lives.

Commitment to Exceptional Service

Our expertise extends beyond financial products and services, deeply rooted in exceptional service. At The Southern Bank, we provide a warm, welcoming environment where customers are treated respectfully and courteously. Our dedicated professionals are passionate about exceeding customer expectations.

We prioritize prompt and efficient service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free banking experience. Whether assisting with inquiries, resolving issues, or offering financial advice, we are committed to being responsive and reliable partners in our customers’ financial journeys.

The Southern Bank: Elevating Banking Excellence in South Carolina

Our unwavering dedication to exceptional service sets us apart as we build strong customer relationships based on trust, integrity and reliability. We remain deeply rooted in our communities, contributing to their growth and prosperity. More than a financial institution, we are proud to be recognized as experts in our field within the Book of Experts, partnering with customers for their success.

This content appeared first in the SC Biz News Book of Experts.